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Project Description

Religious/Spiritual Proficiency Survey

Project Abstract

Principle Investigator: William L. Hathaway, Ph.D.

Title of Project: Religious/Spiritual Issues Proficiency Survey

Purpose of Study: To investigate the attitudes of APA Division 36 members and other APA members about the establishment of a recognized proficiency in working with religious/spirituals issues in practice.

Methodology: Subjects will be contacted by email or mail and invited to complete a brief (10-15 minute) on-line survey addressing various issues related to a proficiency certification in clinical work with religious/spiritual issues. Questions regarding the subjectsÂ’ demographic, educational and practice background will also be included in the survey. The survey will be fully anonymous.

Nature of Human Subjects: Subjects solicited either by email or mail will be invited to complete an anonymous survey. The subjects will consistent of either APA members who are practitioners or division 36 members.

Confidentiality: The surveys will be completed anonymously.

Duration of Project: Spring-Summer, 2004.

Statement of Any Possible Risk to Subjects: There are no foreseeable risks to respondents.

Expected Outcome of Study: The survey will provide important information relevant to the formulation of a proficiency recognition process. This information will be utilized by the Division 36 Religious/Special Practice Proficiency Committee as they explore the creation of such a process.

Surveys released for this project:
Clinical Proficiency in Religious/Spiritual Issues 25
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