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Project Description

My study will be looking at how the O*NET’s definition of leadership relates to the O*NET’s generalized work activities. I am attempting to see if the four leadership dimensions as defined by the ONET; correlate with the O*NETs 42 Generalized work activities. If indeed a correlation is found then I will attempt to identify the importance of each dimension as it relates to leadership. The results of this study could have significant impact in solidifying the GWAs of the ONET and developing a measurable way of classifying leadership.

Project Abstract

The goals of this study are twofold. First, this study will attempt to identify a list of Generalized Work Activities (GWA) from the Occupational Information Network’s (O*NET) content model, that best represent four dimensions of leadership. The Occupational Information Network’s Generalized Work Activities will be sorted by subject matter experts (SME) into four dimensions of leadership. This will provide a codified list of the work activities that leaders do. Second, this study will attempt to identify the importance of each dimension of leadership. If a GWA is determined to be a dimension associated with leadership, subject matter experts will rate the importance of each Generalized Work Activity. This will develop an importance rating for each dimension. By the end of this study a list of Generalized Work Activities associated with each of the four dimensions of leadership will be developed and the importance of each dimension will be determined. With the results of this study it will be easier to determine which occupations in the O*NET database require and develop leadership characteristics.

Surveys released for this project:
ONET/Leadership SME Survey 86
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