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Functional Investigation Report - Staff Motivation in Education

Project Abstract

My chosen subject for study is Human Resource Management with my emphasis is on the area of ‘Motivation’. The aspect I am going to concentrate on is ‘Staff Motivation in Education’.

The area of Human Resource Management is becoming increasingly more important for business and is concerned with the integration and commitment of staff in the workplace. HRM departments function because of people, with the aim of gaining commitment from their employees.

Motivation is a part of HRM. All employees need to be motivated in some way to actually want to attend work. Many people are motivated in different ways and different professions have different motivating factors. Teaching is no longer a vocation, people choose to go into certain jobs to satisfy their needs outside of work. Teaching carries a high amount of stigma but is a secure job with professional progression almost guaranteed. The position carries a high level of respect, but can anyone do it?

My investigation will cover the elements of motivation which are apparent for both the teaching side of the workforce and the support staff, (for which my job fits into). I will, through various types of research discover what motivates and de-motivates staff within education and how whether being a teacher or part of the support staff carry different influencing factors.

There has been great research already conducted in Motivation so access to important secondary information is in abundance. As to its reliability is what I will investigate and by conducting my own forms of primary research will compare it with previously accumulated data.

Surveys released for this project:
Staff Motivation in Education 38
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