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Project Description

This project is researching the preparedness of the Minister of Music as he leaves college to assume his ministrerial role.

Project Abstract

This project deals with the preparedness of today’s music ministers as they leave college and prepare to assume their ministry roles. A look at many of the catalogs and course descriptions of major Bible and Christian colleges reveals an incredible sameness in the types of courses and materials taught to the student. However, several books and articles have risen of late that state that many music ministers find themselves in situations in which little or no training was given to them in college for them to effectively handle these situations. Walters (1994) states that Bible and Christian colleges should have better trained their music ministers, while Osbeck (1990) argues that some things cannot be learned in the classroom. This report is an attempt to address this issue and determine how better today’s music ministers can be trained. Included are surveys and interviews by current and former Ministers of Music.

Surveys released for this project:
Music Minister Preparedness Survey 9
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