Glasgow High School

Project Description

I would like to survey secondary science teachers in a school district in Northern Delaware to determine if their professional development needs are being met, and their attitudes toward nationally recognized inservice practices. I'd also like to investigate the teachers' attitudes toward taking a role in planning their own professional development.

Project Abstract

According to the assistant superintendent of a school district in northern Delaware, the attitudes of the secondary science teachers participating in staff development days in this school district are largely unknown. Goerlich Zief (2000) notes that teachers' feelings toward staff development days have a powerful influence toward the efficacy and productivity of these inservice days. Gehrke (2001) adds that some teachers have perceptions of inservice days that cause them to be extremely passive aggressive, while others embrace the chance for staff development. Gehrke also notes that the success of inservice days for secondary science teachers depends, in large part, on how the teachers perceive these days and how much of a success they allow them to be. The purpose of this study is to examine the level of satisfaction between middle and high school science teachers toward staff development in a school district in northern Delaware to determine of either group’s needs are currently being met, and if not, if they agree in their degree of dissatisfaction.

Surveys released for this project:
practicum 72
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