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Project Description

This survey is for the course BUS 456 Research Methods for Business. The students have designed questions to gather data about computer viruses and how home users protect their systems against infrection.

Project Abstract

This survey is being conducted by undergraduate students of Oregon Institute of Technology for a Research Methods for Business course and is needed for completion of this course. The survey questionnaire covers Microsoft Windows Autoupdate feature as it is used in a home/home office (non-corporate office) setting.

We will be asking you about your use of this MS Windows feature, any problems you have encountered in its use, if you would prefer another method of updating your Personal Computer, your general PC use and some basic demographic information. All data collected will be compiled to gauge the use and effectiveness of MS Windows AutoUpdate features. Data colleted from this online form is strictly confidential and anonymous. Your confidentiality is assured.

This survey is designed to take a minimal amount of your time, approximately 5 minutes or less. Your participation, whatever your experience level, is needed so that we have the broadest representation of the larger population of home PC users.

Surveys released for this project:
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