The Anderson School at UCLA

Project Description

The results from our survey will be utilized to determine optimal pricing for several Southern California theme parks.

Project Abstract

Our study will attempt to analyze the importance price plays in a consumersÂ’ decision to visit a particular theme park. We will focus our pricing analysis on adult admission only. In order to accurately assess consumer tradeoffs (between brand and price), our team will conduct a conjoint analysis. Our target respondent will be adult amusement goers.

Based on our research and analysis, we will evaluate the pricing structure of southern California theme parks. In addition, we hope to measure consumer price sensitivity. As applicable, we will make pricing recommendations to increase profitability. Our short term recommendations will focus on price promotions and adult general admission ticket prices. Our recommendations will be primarily based on the results of our conjoint study and market simulator. In addition, asking several demographic and psychographic questions will enable our team to segment consumers and possibly price discriminate.

Surveys released for this project:
Theme Parks 14
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