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Project Description

This study attmpts to gather demographic information on dominant women and their role in the S/M lifestyle. To date the existence of these women has been virtually ignored in the academic literature. Most studies have concluded that masochistic men find expression for their paraphilia by going to prostitutes who specialize in this type of activity or by having spouses recluctantly indulge their desires. Almost every academic paper (including the DSM IV) concludes S/M or D/s to be a male phenomena with women playing only a peripheral role.
Through contact with several organizations devoted to Dominant women and submissive men I hope to demonstrate that the previous literature has overlooked a very large portion of the S/M community. There are online groups devoted to this subject whose members number in the hundreds. I have contacted the leaders of some of these groups and have gotten permission to post the survey on ther lists thus gaining access to a previously untapped resource. Part of the study is designed to show the effect the nternet has had on these women bringing forth there heretofore hidden leanings. This may well explain why they have been so glaringly overlooked in previous studies.
By demonstrating the existence of a large and active population of dominant women I hope to change the way S/M is viewed by mainstream psychology/psychiatry.

Project Abstract

Almost all the professional literature dating back to Krafft-Ebing has labeled sadomasochism as primarily a male paraphilia. Even those authors most sympathetic to the activity have found a predominance of males, especially masochists, and a concomitant dearth of dominant females. This study surveyed women involved in on line FemDom (Dominant female-submissive male/female) groups the membership of which often reached into the hundreds. The study reveals that women often take the role of dominant and that these women differ little demographically from men as reflected in previous studies.
Voluntary assumption of the dominant as a sexual choice among women is quite common within the S/M community and pairing of dominant women and submissive men is analogous to the more commonly perceived male dominant-female submissive relationship

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