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Project Description

What hinders Irish father’s equal participation within the family? What obstacles exist in Irish legislation, work-place policies, and hegemonic masculinity that frustrate father’s equality?

Project Abstract

This dissertation will attempt to highlight the existing obstacles to equal parenting in Ireland by examining the disadvantaged status of the father. To do this it is necessary to take an inter-disciplinarian feminist stance combining legal theory, Masculine Studies, and work-place culture. In order to support these theories, extensive critical research will be undertaken in the three areas to attempt to obtain a complete picture of what is frustrating equality for fathers in Ireland.
Case studies and empirical research will be examined under a strict theoretical feminist background to support findings. Ultimately, the study hopes to gain support for equality parenting in Ireland by exposing the areas that are limiting its success and encouraging reform in the shape of legislation, work-life balance policies and increase the knowledge of the area.

Surveys released for this project:
Academic Parenthood Discourse 59
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