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This survey will be used to gather primary evidence for my dissertation, "Music on Demand". I am trying to find out how people feel about downloading music, why they do it and how this relates to their CD buying patterns.

Project Abstract

Proposed Content Summary

The dissertation will focus on the main copyright issues raised by not only the existence of numerous peer-to-peer file sharing programs, but also by the existence and development of various kinds of hardware that allow private users to duplicate CDs at their own free will. Modern technological advances may be fascinating if we consider that the age of the personal computer is still very young, but these rapid advances have empowered the user to share their CD collection with friends and families (using a CD writer for example) as well as with people all over the globe (peer-to-peer programs) at no extra cost – apart from the obvious one-off set-up: computer, CD writer and internet connection.
Clearly, the music industry has been affected by these new developments and to an extent, more or less appropriate actions have also been taken by organisations such as the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and record companies in order to try and protect intellectual property. However, they cannot possibly target every single individual that is or has been using a P2P program or CD duplication device at some point.

Surveys released for this project:
Internet Usage Survey 38
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