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Survey of Citizen Corps Councils to determine how they are established and how they manage volunteers.

Project Abstract

On September 11, 2001 the world changed for America. In response to the acts of terrorism on that day many new programs were developed or reorganized into the Department of Homeland Security. One of those new programs was the USA Freedom Corps. The USA Freedom Corps was created to build upon the response from the American citizens to the tragic events of September 11th (Brudney and Gazley, 2002: 34). This response from the citizens drew attention to their eagerness to assist government efforts around emergency management (Brudney and Gazley, 2002: 34).
Citizen Corps, as part of the USA Freedom Corps, creates opportunities for individuals to volunteer to help their communities prepare for and respond to local emergencies by bringing together local leaders, citizen volunteers, law enforcement officials, and emergency management professionals. Citizen Corps Councils have the responsibility to coordinate local efforts. The function of these Councils is to manage existing volunteer resources, network efforts of groups, and develop local plans to implement the Citizen Corps at the community level.
As of July 1, 2004 there were 53 State/Territory Citizen Corps Councils and 1,224 County/Local/Tribal Citizen Corps Councils registered on-line at the Citizen Corps web site, ( Local government officials must support a Council in order to be registered on this web site, (application for registration at Since these Citizen Corps Councils are new there are no assessments of how they were established and how they are managing volunteers.
There are two purposes of this research. The first purpose is to develop a best practice model for the establishment of Citizen Corps Councils and for the management of volunteers by the Councils. The second purpose is to assess the establishment of Citizen Corps Councils in the United States and the management of volunteers by these Councils using this best practice model.

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