University of Idaho

Project Description

This survey will be used to develop a handbook for school-based helping professionals focused on the assessment and referral or treatment of students with problems related to current issues in the school system.

Project Abstract

School-based helping professionals today, have little resources when trying to indentify children who need assistance in current problem areas. This survey will evaluate and identify current trends and practices in assessing children in schools. Information gained from the survey will be used to develop a handbook of assessment for school-based helping professionals.

A survey conducted in the spring of 2004, identified several major issues counselors face on a daily basis in the Idaho school systems.

This survey focuses on 10 of those issues (Self-mutilation/cutting, suicidal ideation, depression, stress/anxiety, motivation/apathy/indecision, substance abuse, bullying/harassment, social skills deficits, eating disorders, immaturity/adolescent behaviors). Our hope is to understand how counselors are identifying children in these problem areas and how proper resources are being utilized by counselors to assist these children.

Surveys released for this project:
School Counselor Evaluation Techniques 46
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