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Project Description

I'm doing research for my final year project. It is about usage of condom and perception about it.

Project Abstract

Advertising in the new era of modern technology has contributed many strengths and weaknesses to market strategy of a product. The usage of advertising is to create healthy competition among other products. Sometimes, consumers will misconception some products such as condom, STD preventions and family planning kit and relate it to sensitive issue. However, the majority still cannot accept the advertising on sex-related issue because they see it on the negative side more than the positives of it. In addition, they are afraid the advertisement will express offensive impact to youngster.
This research will help to lead on condom promotion in certain point of view, which is family planning and STD preventions aspect. It is to put Durex advertising accepted on electronic and printable media. The methods are to conduct surveys, interviews, questionnaires, online polls and printable test market as the main subject. The outcome of this survey will construct the acceptable and creative advertisement to bringing up the good perception of the sensitive issue advertising among community.

Surveys released for this project:
Perception Towards Condom 10
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