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Perceptions of the developing world and the role of the media

Project Abstract

In an age of globalisation where technology has us living in a global village and goods maybe brought form stores thousands of miles away in a virtual instant we should surely be in a position of better understanding about our global differences and diverse cultures. And yet with all this technology making world populations virtual neighbours it would that some have been left out and perhaps could be regarded as being further away and less understood than ever. Of course the real danger here is that we may feel that our understanding is better than ever about such countries even though this may not be true. Our understandings and perceptions are the basis of our attitudes and our attitudes may influence our actions. Such actions may include how we vote, what goods we buy and if we donate to charity. Where is it then that our information comes from and does the source of our information have an effect on our attitudes? In this project I seek to find the relationship between the media and attitudes about the developing world, in particular the Least Developed Countries (LDCs). Does the media provide a comprehensive and rounded view of the developing world or are there differences in attitude between those who have experienced for themselves in some way and those who only know it through the media?

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