Columbia University / Northfield Mt Hermon School

Project Description

I am working on analyzing and evaluating alumni attitudes towards a school that just announced they are moving its operations to one campus. Understanding its alumni base will inform the demographics and the psychographics of its target audience.

Project Abstract

Northfield Mt Hermon is a co-educational college preparatory school enrolling 1050 students in grades 9-12 and post graduate. Originally it was founded as two schools: The Northfield Seminary for girls and the Mt Hermon School for boys. In 1971, it became a co-educational institution with one faculty, one administration, and two co-ed campuses.

Earlier this year, the school announced it will be closing the Northfield campus. This has generated a great deal of outrage among parents, faculty, and students. To voice their discontent, some alumni have disassociated themselves from the school.

This paper will examine the attitudes and feelings of the alumni to determine what role alumni clubs could play to improve the relationship between the school and its alumni.

Surveys released for this project:
NMH Alumni Area Associations 62
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