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Project Description

From vinyl records to eight track tapes to cassette tapes to compact disks to cd-roms to dvd’s the music recording industry has always found itself needing to adapt to changes in technology in order to fulfill consumer demand for their product; recorded music. The technological revolution of the 1990’s however brought a new twist to the industry. The birth and growth of the internet and the rapid technical advances made available to consumers via their personal home computers would throw the music industry a curve ball that is taking it years to figure out how to hit.
At the heart of the music industry’s dilemma is the consumer practice of peer-to-peer file sharing of copyrighted material over the internet. This practice is thought to have contributed to millions in lost revenue to the industry and is forever changing the way that consumers will purchase recorded music. The music industry was caught off guard by these rapid technological advances and now scurries to try to combat illegal music downloading via the internet.

Project Abstract

Our study seeks to capture the market effect free music downloading programs have and will continue to have (as their popularity increases) on the recorded music industry. We are specifically interested in whether or not legally provided versions of this same software actually curb illegal downloading as they are intended to.

Surveys released for this project:
Napster Survey 30
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