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Project Description

The project's aim is to define "why people use anti-ageing skin care products", going beyond the demographical aspects.

Project Abstract

In the recent years the skin care market has growth considerably both in sales and product offerings. Within this market a specific niche the anti-ageing products has expanded tremendously. According TNS Care report that area registered 40% growth in the year ending March 2004 and the sales of such products accounted for 13% of the total skin care market.

Many studies have been conducted to identity the demographic information (age, gender, economic status) of anti-ageing skin products consumers with the purpose of identify who needs what. This approach has allowed grouping the consumers with the same needs and targeting them with the specific products.

The present report aims to go beyond the demographical information and define which motivating factors conduct people to retain youth, since this is the aim of the anti-ageing skin products. Understanding the different needs would allow companies to develop different marketing communication that would be relevant to each of the needs and motivate consumers to make a purchase.

Surveys released for this project:
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