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Project Description

Build a no-cost model to manage products data in small/mid sized engineering firms. Other than administrative and project oriented information, products data is about capturing production and production related information like material, labour, process and equipment information. Having quick access to these information and ability to analyse historical data helps for quicker timeline and cost estimates for future projects. A no-cost model in the project is aimed through evaluation and test use of non-proprietary technologies such as XML, XHTML, Scripts, Mozilla, Linux.

Project Abstract

Phase 1: An industry survey in the form of web-based questionnaire will be sent to engineering firms determined to be qualified to respond to the survey on their present data management procedures, limitations and future needs. One of them will be chosen as test-site for further research and comparison with industry standards in product data management. The survey results and research will be used to develop universal data management technique that could apply for a wider audience.

Phase 2: A solution will be developed that will be no-cost or low-cost. Research on various non-proprietary technologies will be done to arrive at technologies which suit the application. A model using the chosen technologies will be developed to implement the universal data management solution.

Phase 3: To prove and evaluate performance of the model, a prototype will be developed. The prototype will be setup at the test-site for trial and feedback. At the end of this phase a project report will be prepared. The dissertation will summarize the research and conclusions in the attempt to provide no-cost model for product data management.

Surveys released for this project:
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