Johnson & Wales University

Project Description

This project intends to survey Johnson & Wales' student body regarding what they believe are the necessary changes to the Downcity Library. In addition, the project will deal with the possible improvements, such as upgrades to the computer terminals, addition of a Café/Lounge area, and the upgrading of furnishings and décor. The group is in constant contact with the library's professional staff and, with their help, will deliver a clear and concise report which will be addressed in class on the week of February 7.
The project, even though carrying business-like characteristics, is strictly academic, and its results are to be evaluated solely by an Technical Writing Instructor.

Project Abstract

This project, JWU's Downcity Library Improvements, deals with three main points that are believed to be essential to the best-fiting of the Library to JWU's student body:

- Technology
- Furnishing and décor
- Café / Lounge

All three points are independent, and the proposals that will be made can be taken to practice individually.

Surveys released for this project:
JWU Library Survey 10
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