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Project Description

This project is going to have a thorough understanding on the consumer's preference and willingness to pay when they choosing the mobile commerce which are the 3G services.And this conducting survey will apply in different regions, different cultural, age, gender.

Project Abstract

Mobile phones are becoming important part of our daily lives globally as the technology continues to diffuse dramatically across cultural boundaries. The phenomenal growth in mobile phone and PDA ownership along with the integration and interoperability of WLAN and 3G is leading to a variety of innovative and intelligent applications generally referred to as mobile commerce. In order to study the reason behind the fast growth in mobile commerce and have a thorough understanding of the interests and concerns of the mobile consumers in using wireless applications, both qualitative and quantitative approaches are applied in this paper. The qualitative information provides a comprehensive assessment of current status and emerging trends in mobile commerce. The quantitative approach applies the conjoint analysis method to explore m-consumer’s preference by measuring their willingness to pay (WTP) for mobile commerce particularly focuses on European and Asian market trends. The conducting survey will examine the key culture and techno-economic factors that have an impact on the take up of mobile commerce services.

Key words: mobile commerce, wireless applications, market trends

Surveys released for this project:
Survey on 3G Services 61
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