Endicott College

Project Description

This is a project thesis for Endicott College's Master of Education program.

Project Abstract

A Look at Gender Equity in Collegiate Athletics and the Role Title IX Plays

Introductory Statement:
Treating male and female athletes fairly means making sure that both receive equal benefits and services from their institution. Title IX is the federal law that prohibits sexual discrimination in any program or activity at any educational institution that receives federal funds.

Overview of Research Project:
The research is trying to prove that through the adoption of Title IX, the desire to make male and female collegiate sports equal does exist.

As a coach of both male and female sports, the significance of this project is to help better understand the differences between men’s and women’s collegiate athletics and how Title IX affects them.

The goal of this research project is to better understand why male and female athletics are treated and supported differently. The research will be done to further the understanding of Title IX and to comprehend how my male and female athletes are affected by it

Surveys released for this project:
A Look at Gender Equity in Collegiate Athletics an 29
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