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Project Description

Marketing research project on Cellphone usage and buying patterns.

Project Abstract

Morgan Stanley suggests that India's mobile market is expected to grow at a compound average rate of 40 percent until 2007.
When compared to the cost of laying a fixed line cable, introducing cellphone networks is cheaper and faster. That's the reason why India's cellphone market is adding nearly 1.8 million customers every month.
Call charges dropped from 16 rupees per minute in 1999 to less than a rupee in 2004.
The overall global mobile data content and applications market is predicted to become a US$ 126-billion market by 2008 with operators expecting to obtain 20 per cent of their revenues from the data value chain.
In India alone, the market has grown to Rs 350 crore (in terms of downloads) with a base of 35 million mobile users today
In this scenario what are the trends in purchase and usage of cellphones and services and what determines the purchasing and usage characteristics

Surveys released for this project:
Cellphone usage and buying patterns Survey 68
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