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Project Description

This project is based on studying key factors that influence decision making in hospital disaster mitigation. This paper would seek to identify key factors that influence the implementation of disaster mitigation planning in hospitals, as well as rehabilitation of existing hospitals. Utilizing qualitative and quantitative data from hospitals, the paper will focus on differences in hospital decision making with respect to hazards and risks.
The research will study a sample of hospitals in Kentucky that have been accredited by the JCAHO, on the standards of disaster mitigation set out by JCAHO.

Project Abstract

Purpose of the study:
Hospitals serve as the first site of emergency response during times of natural disasters. Hospitals are expected to function more efficiently in times of these crises and mostly hospital functionality can be seriously compromised if the disaster caused any structural damage to the hospital infrastructure itself and if the number of fatalities and injuries exceeds the capacity of the hospital. Here the hospitals attempt to distribute supplies, personnel, bed space, and casualties in the proper manner to best respond and recover from the "major event”. Thus, it is important to study the willingness of hospital organizations to adopt and implement disaster mitigation measures. Currently, in the health care industry, disaster mitigation preparedness has not topped the priority list due to increased competition and continual pressure for cost reduction. Many factors influence the decision making pattern of the key decision makers in the arena of disaster mitigation in hospitals.

Surveys released for this project:
Decision making in hospital disaster mitigation 21
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