Project Description

Survey of Planning Committee Councillors.// Arolwg o Gynghorwyr Pwyllgorau Cynllunio yng Nghymru.

Project Abstract

This survey is intended to enhance the research findings from the initial online questionnaire. This first stage involved the completion of an online questionnaire by planning officers in Wales.

However, first instance planning decisions are also the resposibility of planning committees (or the equivalent) within a Local Authority. Therefore, the second stage of this research involves the completion of a similar questionnaire, again accessible online and this time the questions have been prepared in English and Welsh and comprise of mainly closed questions to limit the time involved in participating, with the hope this will encourage a better response rate.

Taken together, the results from these two questionnaire should provide valid data in order to evaluate and assess law and policy in relation to sustainable development and precaution in planning decisions in Wales.

Surveys released for this project:
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