Northumbria University

Project Description

Addressing the social networking needs of a design school using e-learning.

Project Abstract

To identify the communal needs of the Design School at Northumbria University, and then propose an e-learning strategy and solution to help support it. In the process the dissertation will need to tackle the following:
To identify the communal needs of design students, lecturers and University management.
To understand how and who forms their personal learning community e.g. personal choice, institutional design or professional interests.
To understand what designers are realistically prepared to contribute to a community.
To evaluate paradigms of design communities which use computer-based networking.
To find out how ICT can best help support designer communities.
To test proposed solution/s for the support and development of a design community using a sample group from the design.
To make a final proposal for the support and development of a design community.

Surveys released for this project:
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