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QuestionPro provides the most comprehensive community survey software. Use both quantitative and qualitative feedback options on the robust platform. Create, manage, and analyze community feedback under one centralized tool. Unlike other online community building tools, QuestionPro community survey software gives you access to direct feedback from community members. Having the ability to completely manage your online community through targeted feedback can help keep your community growing successfully.

Engage Community and Panel Members

Our survey software allows you to deploy surveys and polls that help you better understand your users and community members. Use over 80+ supported question types to get the information you need to better manage your community. Complex logic and branching features can be used to collect more accurate feedback from the community and minimize the number of survey takers who exit before finishing. Reward loyal community members with interactive points, gamification badges, and rewards.

22 Million+ Worldwide Panelists

Leverage our global sample of respondents and panelists in our online community engagement tools to build and collect feedback from your community. You can use the community feedback survey platform to collect actionable insights from your community members. Our tools make it easy to analyze results anytime and anywhere, so you’re always connected to the needs of your community.

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Community Survey Software Features

Enterprise Grade Survey Platform

From simple to advanced, our community feedback solutions have all the question types you need to collect insightful survey responses from members of your online community. The QuestionPro online community survey library includes image and video type questions to best engage community members and survey-takers. With over 80 ready-made question types and questions available in over 108 languages, you’ll be able to gather useful insights from the global members of your online community. After gathering important community feedback, our online community building tools can help you manage the feedback you’ve received.

Mobile Data Collection

Deploy smart surveys to your online community and collect geo-location based responses from specific community user locations. Targeted location surveys give you access to important, relevant feedback from specific members of your online community. Use push notifications in our community survey tool to alert members in real time of new surveys, news, and discussions posted. Push notifications and real-time alerts encourage members to access your community regularly.

Real-Time Analytics

Leverage the SMS survey software to understand the pulse amongst customers and community members with real-time analytics. Enhance relationships within the community by getting live data on the state of your members and their feedback on community management. Use this feedback to identify key drivers of your business and increase your bottom line. As community members tell you their favorite parts of your community, as well as what could be improved, you’ll be able to adjust settings and relieve members’ concerns.


The QuestionPro community feedback survey software is one of the best online community building tools to help you collect crowdsourced ideas. Use both text and rich media to analyze new ideas or designs through your community feedback. You can also get insights on the scalability of your new ideas and services on the basis of upvotes and downvotes by other community members.

Automated Incentive Management

Use our community survey platform to smartly manage rewards and incentives to the members of the community. Decide on the contours of reward payouts and use community survey software tools to manage the payout process. Use our gamification feature to increase community feedback and automate incentives. As your members are automatically rewarded for survey responses or other interactions, they’ll be more likely to increase use to reach new milestones.

Document Sharing

The market research survey software gives online community members the ability to share documentation and other literature for review. Enable sharing between community members for collaborative review and discussion. Documentation can also be shared with community managers or organizational staff.

Social Media Integration

Use the community survey software platform to deploy a feedback collection process from social media and extend the validity of the feedback. Also provide the ability to members to share their status to various social platforms.

Community Management

With no-pause customer support, our dedicated community managers are accessible in real-time whenever you need us. Reach us globally at any time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our community management support team is available over live chat, email, or just a phone call to help with smarter and more effective community feedback collection.

Audience for Community & Panel Management

Onboard community members and panelists to fortify the online community based on market and demographic segmentation by using the QuestionPro audience. Build a strong community feedback collection process with the help of equal quality and reliability across panelists and also effectively listen to community members with the use of insightful surveys.

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Powerful Analytics Dashboards

Use our community survey software to collect real-time data and analytics reports, including community health, member health and feedback details. Export the data in multiple formats and allow role-based access to reports for different stakeholders.

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Software Integration

Seamlessly integrate your QuestionPro community data with your existing CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamic, Tableau, Caspio, Google Sheets, Hubspot and many more with a host of powerful integrations! These integrations utilize webhooks and APIs for a smooth back-end integration in community feedback management.

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Software Data Security

Data security is the highest priority for QuestionPro's online community survey tool. QuestionPro is SSAE 16 (SOC 2) compliant, EU and Swiss SafeHarbor certified and fully GDPR compliant. SSL for survey, community and data is standard, and SSO is available.

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