Application Programming Interface (API) Integration

Application Programming Interface (API) integration is a software application that helps process requests and makes sure there is a flawless functioning of an enterprise system.

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What is Application Programming Interface (API) Integration?

In a product or a service industry, improving customer experience doesn’t stop at closing the loop. You need to be able to identify and resolve organizational root causes to holistically improve customer experience.

Application Programming Interface (API) integration is a software application that helps process requests and makes sure there is a flawless functioning of an enterprise system (enterprise system is an application software that supports business processes, like how the information flows, reporting and analyzing the data). API also allows applications to communicate with the back-end system.

5 Reasons why you need API Integration.

1. To connect with ease to cloud apps: Hundreds of cloud apps exist today, in fact, according to a study conducted recently, a typical organization has 15 cloud apps that they use, around 15% of all companies polled they use Google Apps or Office 365 at the least.

API is the standard when it comes to connecting to the cloud apps. Organizations are opting for integration that allows connecting these apps behind firewall, therefore, API Integration has become the need of the hour.

2. Value from existing data source: There might be instances in some organizations where data that is older than a year or even less might end up in the database somewhere being underutilized. Partially, the reason for under utilized data can be the difficulty to integrate it into current system.

API Integration can be hugely beneficial in such situations. This integration enables organizations or businesses to reuse data for business logic and workflows that already exist.

3. To make new apps: When Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, Instagram had merely 13 employees and over 10 million new users. Today, Instagram has over 800 million new users with not a significant change in the number of employees. How are companies able to create such successful apps with such a small team size?

Photo filter apps and social media integration existed even earlier, but these features are packed together using API Integration, making it easier to use and not requiring too many people to work on it.

4. To make your teams more strategic: In organizations where creating API is a manual process, more skilled resources are needed for the system to be up and running continuously. Organizations tend to hire and dedicate resources to a certain project.

With API Integration, organizations can strategically use their resources on multiple projects and often fewer resources are needed to keep every department productive.

5. To keep pace with technology: Technology has drastically changed over the past decade and shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, sometimes it is difficult to catch with its pace. Machine learning, cloud computing, evolution of wearable technology, Internet of Things are some of the examples of tech trends that have dramatically changed the ways organizations operate.

With an API integration platform in place, organizations can be sure they have the capabilities to effectively integrate these new technologies as they grow and mature.

API Integration using QuestionPro as a platform

QuestionPro uses built in HTTP features like HTTP authentication and HTTP verbs. These features allow you to interact securely with our API from a client side web application.

Learn more: QuestionPro- Developer API

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