Should online reputation management be a top priority for my company?

If you are familiar with the quote by Warren Buffet, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”, you would probably understand how important it is to constantly track and take action on what your customers think and say about your business online.

CX Reputation empowers your team to cross-post and respond to comments across major public reviews and social media platforms, while gathering and analyzing feedback with AI sentiment analysis and a real-time analytics dashboard.

Social Listening

All your reviews in one place

CX Reputation supports your Voice of the Customer program by bringing together third-party ratings, reviews and mentions, all in the same location. With CX Reputation you can:

✔ Monitor, respond and analyze online public ratings
✔ Reply directly to reviews
✔ Filter reviews and activate notifications

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Real-Time Analytics

Track engagement metrics and follower counts

Provide a more holistic, integrated view of the customer experience by analyzing your business’s ratings, count and location in real time!


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AI Sentiment Analysis

What your customers are saying about your brand right now

Increase your customer retention rate and turn detractors into promoters of your brand by actively replying to reviews and posts.

✔ Multiple sentiment domains
✔ Tagging & Export
✔ Advanced filtering

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Monitor, respond and analyze with CX Reputation

Actively monitor the mentions of your brand on websites and social media in real time.



Keep track of multiple review, rating and social media platforms.

Why CX Reputation?

Get more value from customers’ reviews with the following features:

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Sentiment Analysis

Understanding how your customers feel about your brand is critical. Using AI, Sentiment Analysis can easily help you identify, analyze and solve any complaint.

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Real-Time Dashboard

Easily visualize in one place your business reputation with chart types & labels. Track and filter data to display specific results.

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Reply to reviews

Respond to any comment, post or review directly from CX Reputation. You can also enable our automatic review translation, so no matter the language the review is on you can still reply!

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Security & Compliance

CX Reputation is compliant with federal and local regulations including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, Section 508, etc. for worry-free social media reputation management.

unified research management platform

Organize your reviews

Do more with your customers’ reviews. CX Reputation empowers you to import/export reviews, monitor, team assign, manage & filter all reviews!

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Powerful Integrations

Integrate with top rating sites and social media channels to make reading and replying reviews a breeze!