FTP Integration

A dependable medium to schedule import and export of reports by easily providing the FTP details.

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FTP integration is crucial when it comes to automation of import and export of transaction reports. FTP sync is a dependable medium to schedule import and export of reports by easily providing the FTP details. Real-time integration of data between a client and the QuestionPro CX software can happen using FTP.

The scheduler will prompt the CX software to start reading the excel files that are to be imported and immediately send a survey out to these imported contacts, only upon selection. Periodic export of raw data or dashboard can be carried out at the FTP location. The scheduler needs to be configured and the researchers have to then wait for results. Apart from raw data, details about unsubscribed respondents, delivered or bounced surveys can be obtained.

There are 2 main functions of an auto-scheduled FTP:

Steps to set up FTP for importing contacts

  1. Login to the Customer Experience account >> Admin >> Integration >> FTP >> Click on the ‘Auto-scheduler’ button.Add FTP Autoscheduler

  2. An ‘Add Scheduler Event’ tab will pop-up which will have the Import Contact selected by default. Provide details such as Name of the import, frequency of the import, send a survey via Email or SMS or both, the survey which needs to go out once the import is complete and also the Email template.

    Other than these details, the FTP connection details such as secure FTP and file username and password. Upload the list of contacts to the FTP location.

    Edit FTP Scheduler details

  3. After entering all these details, it needs to be tested. Once uploading a sample contact file in the FTP location, click on ‘Run Now’ to test this connection.

    In case this FTP import is successful, all the contacts will be imported into the system and deleted from the FTP location while in case, it is unsuccessful, the scheduler will be shut down.

    run scheduler now

  4. In case the scheduler gets suspended, click on the ‘Activate’ tab to reactivate the scheduler. activate scheduler

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