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Influencer Program


What is the Datastream program?

QuestionPro’s DataStream Partner Program is designed for influencers, creators, and media companies to have exclusive access to the advanced QuestionPro’s Software Platform, Audience & Research.

Our program offers professional research tools and support from the data analysis expert team to carry out studies that will allow you to obtain quality data on the topic of your interest to share with your audience.

Besides mentioning QuestionPro as the technology and data provider in these programs, we do not request backlinks or any other endorsement.


Program Benefits: What do you get?

The DataStream program entitles creators and media companies to lean on QuestionPro for three specialties:

Software: We provide all our DataStream partners full access to the Research and Data Collection platform used by worldwide leading brands.

Audience: Get access to our 21M+ Audience Platform. We offer access to the 1,000 respondents/month for a ten-question survey that we run and execute on our Partner’s behalf.

Researchers: We provide the human and intellectual capital to build, run, and execute the survey each month.



This program is available to Bloggers, Creators & Media Companies with an audience of +100K users.
Reach requirements:
Bloggers: 100K Sessions/Month
Instagram/TikTok/YouTube: 100K Subscribers
Media companies: +5 employees.



In exchange for providing the software, audience and human capital for free, we expect the following two outcomes;

Co-Branded Mention: QuestionPro must be mentioned as part of the polling/surveying solution at least once - when the data is referenced. Example - “The Points Guy/QuestionPro poll reveals that 80% of Americans are ready to travel domestically but only 30% are ready to travel internationally”

Organic mention within the content: We prefer your audience to be informed about our collaboration. For this, a QuestionPro mention inside the content is adequate.
Example: “This survey was conducted in partnership with QuestionPro, a survey research platform with 1,000 responses from a census-balanced sample between Jan 1st and Feb 1st, 2022”


Do you meet the requirements and are interested in joining our program?

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More details and benefits of our program


Survey Cadence & Frequency

We are currently setting the cadence of this program to be on a “Monthly” basis. This means that every month, you (and your content team) can run a survey with upto 10-20 questions against a census balanced sample of 1,000 responses.


Internal/Non-Audience Based Surveys

QuestionPro will also give you access to a Research Edition license that can be used for other non/audience based internal surveys. This is provided on a “self-service” basis where we only provide the software to run the surveys - but NOT the human capital or audience for such surveys


Data Exclusivity & Ownership

Any data collected through this program will be owned by the media partner. QuestionPro will not resell or otherwise make available this data to anyone else other than the media partner.

Program Length

The initial term of this program is for 1 year. At the end of the year, both QuestionPro and the media partner can evaluate the success (or failure) of this partnership and then determine if either of the parties want to continue on.

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