Customizing Reports and Charts

Customizing reports and charts

When you create a Customized Report/Chart after adding all the questions to your survey, a slide for each of the questions in your survey will be created. You can edit each of these slides and customize the slides to fit your presentation needs.

The Customized Reports/Charts tool can be accessed by clicking on

  • Login » Surveys (Select Survey) » Reports » Custom » Customized Reports
  • Select Search Data from the left navigation.
  • Click Create New Customized Report found at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the Report Title. Select the Report Type from the drop-down available.
  • Select the Output Type.
  • Click Next.


  • Enter the Executive Summary to be included with the report.
  • Click Finish. charts_3
  • A report will be generated, and you will be asked to Continue when the report is ready.
  • After clicking Continue, you will be taken to a page with the Static Report Link which can be shared with anyone. You can also click Download to download a copy of the report to your hard drive. You can also select a Logo from the drop-down, modify the Executive Summary/Introduction title and text. If changes are made, click Save Changes to refresh the report. charts_5
  • You can preview report by clicking on Preview Report. charts_7 charts_6