Get email notifications for survey responses

To receive an email notification for every completed survey response, you can enable admin confirmation email for the survey. To do so, go to:

My Surveys (Select Survey) » Edit » Settings » Notifications

  • Check the box for Admin Confirmation Email
  • Click on Settings
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  • On the popup, you can select who the email should go to.
    • Email Administrator: The notifications will get delivered only to the admin of the survey who have created it.
    • Email Administrator and Distribution List: The account admin can add the additional email addresses here along with the administrator's email address to which the reports will get delivered.
    • Email Distribution List: The reports will get delivered to all the email addresses that are added by the admin except administrator's email address.
    • Other Organization Accounts/Aliases By selecting this option the reports will be delivered to the selected sub-account user.
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How will the admin confirmation email look like?

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I have set language in my survey, can I get notification in that langauge?

Yes, you can get notification in the language set in your survey. To enable notification in different language, go to:

Login » Surveys » Edit » Notifications

  • Check the box for Admin Confirmation Email
  • Click on Settings
  • In the Notification Language dropdown, select the language you want the notification email to appear in.
  • If you select 'Survey Language' as an option, then the Notification email will be received in language in which survey is taken.
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Signature question type is not supported in the email notification. The signature will be replaced by a dot in the email notification.