Using the KnowledgeBank

What is the KnowledgeBank?

KnowledgeBank is a set of predefined and structured questions that we’ve created along with our partners. It represents our collective wisdom on the best model for asking certain types of questions. All of the questions in the KnowledgeBank are well-researched and vetted for respondent bias.

How can I add a KnowledgeBank question?

KnowledgeBank questions are available when adding a new question to your survey. After clicking Add Question, the KnowledgeBank option can be found in the left navigation, under Question Library.

  • Login » Surveys » Edit Survey » Add Question » KnowledgeBank
  • To add a question, click Add to Survey.
  • Questions can only be added once to the survey.
  • Click Show Answer Options to view answer options.
  • You can toggle between My Question Library and My Survey Questions by clicking on the links for each in the left navigation.
  • You can also search for particular text/questions using the search bar.

Why can’t I edit the wording of a KnowledgeBank question?

To preserve the integrity and structure of the KnowledgeBank question, we do not allow editing of the question text or the answer options. This is by design. If you want to have your own wording on the KnowledgeBank question, please use a normal question type, and create the question from scratch.

We’ve done extensive split ballot tests for cognitive stress on each of the KnowledgeBank questions. In conjunction with researchers at Parametric and PowerFeedback, the questions are professionally written and tested for maximum responses. Therefore, if we allow for editing of the questions, then the proposition of the KnowledgeBank is lost.

Can I convert the KnowledgeBank question into a normal multiple choice question and then edit it?

No. To maintain integrity, KnowledgeBank questions cannot be modified in any way.

I have a question that I think should be in the KnowledgeBank. How can I add it?

At this point, we are not accepting user-generated questions into the KnowledgeBank. For Enterprise Accounts with more than 10 Accounts, please contact your account manager to include a company-specific KnowledgeBank into the system.