External Variable Based Data Segmentation

Can I use an external variable to segment my data?

Currently the following System Variables can be used to Create “Segments” or Groups for analysis:

  • Custom Variables 1-255: If you’ve uploaded auxiliary data (Custom1, Custom2, etc.), you can segment the data based on these variables.
  • Geo Location Filter: If your license level allows for you to have access to geo-coding, you will also be able to filter based on geographic location (city, state/region, country).
  • Email List Code: This is the Email List that you used to send out the email using the Email/List Management interface.

I want to segment my data based on custom variables. How do I do that?

  • Login »  Surveys »  Reports »  Advanced »  Data Segmentation
  • Select Create Data Filters from the left navigation.
  • Click Create New Data Filter.
  • Enter the Name of the filter you want to create.
  • Select Custom Variables/System Variables as the Data Segment Type.
  • Select the Survey Status.
  • Enter the values for the variables you want to include in this filter. To include multiple values for the same variable, separate the values using a comma.
    • Custom Variables 1-5: Enter the value of the variable that you want to match.
    • Extended Variables: This is used for custom variables 6-255.
      • Index: enter the number (6-255).
      • Value: enter the value you want to match.
    • Geo Location Filter: select from City, State/Region, or Country.
    • Geo Location Value: enter the value you want to match for the filter.
    • Email List: enter the name of the email list you want to match for the filter.
  • Click Save Filter.
  • Click Continue.

I am using custom variables. I would like to roll-up or aggregate multiple values for a custom variable so that I can analyze them together? How do I do this?

If you want to analyze multiple values for the same custom variable, simply separate them with commas as shown in the screenshot above.

What do I do after I create the group/segment?

After you’ve created the Group/Segment, you can do one of two things:

  • To view the results (Filtered or Comparison):
    • Login »  Surveys »  Reports
    • In the Real-Time Summary, select Saved Data Filters from the Data Filter drop-down. This will bring up a secondary drop-down from which you can select the filter you previously saved.
  • To view the filter as part of the Excel download, request the Excel report :
    • Login »  Surveys »  Reports »  Advanced »  Data Segmentation
    • Click Report Options to retrieve either a Summary Report or an Open-ended Text report.
    • Click Refresh at any time to refresh the report with the filter applied. This will result in a new report being generated and emailed to the email address associated with the account.