Market Research to Improve Health Care Insights

Importance of Market Research in Health Care Industry

In depth analysis of the market and the demographics always leads to better understanding of the patients, their healthcare needs and expectations. QuestionPro data intelligence can be used to create effective strategies which will result in higher quality services in the Healthcare industry.

How QuestionPro Provides Market Research on Patients

QuestionPro will help you gather relevant information about your patients from our Electronic Patient Healthcare Information System. This is a systematized collection of patient and population electronically-stored in a digital format designed to store data accurately and to capture the state of a patient over time. With this information, QuestionPro can render surveys which are more personalized and relevant based on several criteria:

How QuestionPro Provides Market Research on Competitors

Customer sentiment towards you and your competitors is ever shifting. It’s important to gain a deep understanding of your competition as well. Using QuestionPro’s advanced features such as Sentiment Analysis and Conjoint Analysis will help you understand your customers and competitors better. It will be easy to get information on company profiles, market trends reports, and identify important industry standards and opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are our key differentiators:

Sentiment Analysis - a powerful functionality for competitive analysis, marketing analysis, and detection of unfavorable rumors for risk management.This also involves classifying opinions in text into categories like "positive" or "negative" often with an implicit category of "neutral". This will help in tracking what your patients are saying about your product/service.

Conjoint Analysis - Measures how people make decisions based on certain features of a product or service. It decodes their selecting behaviour of health care services, helping you predict how your product or service will perform in the market.

Trend Analysis - The Trend Analysis is another advanced feature which allows you to plot aggregated response data over time. This will help in analyzing trends which would be useful in detecting patterns in survey responses that could lead to future quality problems, and in forecasting future demand periods.

Through these advanced analysis features by QuestionPro, it will be easy to create high-quality market research reports about your competitors, customer’s expectations, what is the market’s offerings and how they can shift over time.

How QuestionPro Measures Patient Satisfaction

QuestionPro provides early and accurate information about the Patient’s current health conditions before they visit their healthcare provider. Earlier and relevant patient information leads to better health care services. The exclusive API designed by QuestionPro will provide information about the patients that will help to create workflows based on the survey data.

The webhook integration will be invoked before the survey starts. This will trigger the Healthcare Information system to get patient data. Another webhook will be invoked at the end of the survey to provide data to the API in order to create a workflow

Dynamic Surveys are another form of measuring patient satisfaction, here the survey will be personalized as per data received from the first webhook. Once a patient completes the survey, the collected data will be sent to the second webhook to create a workflow.

How QuestionPro Helps Healthcare Providers Improve?

QuestionPro customer satisfaction and feedback surveys help in gathering feedback from the patients, resulting in better communication with doctors, patients, administrators, medical suppliers, and more. These survey results will provide a complete understanding of the critical factors which can be both negative and positive feedback from your user base which will in turn help in creating important healthcare product decisions. Each survey will provide actionable insights, leading to quickly identify the potential issues and improve the quality of care.