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QuestionPro Survey Finds 2 out of 3 Americans Think Video Game Sports Should Be in the Olympics

They also confirm that they are more excited about watching the Super Bowl than the Olympics

AUSTIN, Texas (February 4th, 2022) As the Olympic Games get on their way, global research and survey company QuestionPro asked hundreds of US citizens for their take on the 2022 games. The results indicate an overall softening in engagement and identification with the event. While 39 percent intend to watch the games live, the balance will watch clips, on-demand or not at all. Only 17 percent will be “totally bummed” if the U.S. does not win, and 60 percent say they are more excited to watch the Super Bowl.

On the lighter side, the polling found that 67 percent believe video game sports should be included in the Olympics. In addition, a surprising number of people (25%) believe they now have (or once did) the skills to compete on the world’s highest stage (with 46 people indicating that they’re simply not in good enough shape). And nearly 60 percent believe snowboarder Shaun White will once again medal.

Specifically, the polling found:

Should eSports be included in the Olympics?

- Yes: 67%

- No: 33%

What event are you more excited to watch in February?

- The Super Bowl: 60%

- The Olympics: 40%

How disappointed will you be if the U.S. does not "win" (i.e. have the highest medal count) in these Olympics?

- Kinda-sorta: 45%

- Not at all: 31%

- Totally Bummed: 17%

- Wait, when are the Olympics? 7%

Do you think you could compete in the Olympics?

- No, I'm not in good enough shape - 46%

- No, I don't have a specific skill - 29%

- Yes, I've got the skills! 15%

- Yes, but too much commitment - 7%

- If I had actually tried I totally could have 3%

Do you think Shaun White will win a medal in snowboarding, even though he's 35?

- Yes, he's the Greatest Of All Time: 57%

- Didn't realize he was still competing: 35%

- No: 8%

How do you plan to watch the Olympics?

- Live: 39%

- Not live, but Primetime coverage: 12%

- Not live, but On Demand: 7%

- Clips on youtube or social media:10%

- If it is on, I'll watch it but won't go out of my way: 15%

- I won't be watching: 17%

“The survey results paint an interesting picture of an evolving U.S. consumer relationship to the Olympics,” said Dan Fleetwood, President of Research and Insights at QuestionPro. “That people are more excited to watch the Super Bowl, combined with 49 percent of respondents indicating they will watch on their own terms or not at all suggest that the Olympics aren’t the draw they used to be. Further, with only 17 percent saying they’d be totally bummed if the US doesn’t win suggests an overall reduction in engagement and association with the Olympics. Perhaps allowing eGames might change the game for the Olympic Games?”

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