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QuestionPro Announces Insights Hub

Cloud-based Repository for Corporate Research that Democratizes Access to Research Across the Enterprise

AUSTIN, Texas (June 17th, 2021) QuestionPro, a global leader in online survey and research services today announced the launch of the QuestionPro Insights Hub, a single, secure, indexable and searchable repository for corporate research designed to democratize access to knowledge across the enterprise.

The Insights Hub aggregates, tags and indexes all sources of corporate research into a single online repository. Unified insights from past and existing studies of different research types, including qualitative and quantitative studies, user research, custom studies, advanced research modeling studies, etc., are made available to anyone granted access. In addition to the reports, the Insight Hub also makes accessible the actual data, including customer calls, vendor research data, questionnaires, business taxonomy tagged studies, qualitative and quantitative data, IDI’s, customer behavioral data and more.

“The QuestionPro Insights Hub becomes a central and single “source of truth” where researchers and relevant stakeholders can access the research that an organization has conducted, both past and present,” said Vivek Bhaskaran, founder and CEO of QuestionPro. “It’s a consolidated platform where researchers can organize, explore, search and discover all the data of a company in one organized location, leading to better insights, a quicker time to knowledge and ultimately a more competitive enterprise.”

QuestionPro developed the Insights Hub in response to the growing challenges faced by teams who are under increasing pressure to increase the speed, effectiveness and impact of corporate research initiatives. These challenges are compounded by the fact that organizations conduct research at various frequencies, scales, and complexities. Most companies have a mix of outsourced and in-sourced research - and this leads to different systems of record and classification of research. Add to this the variable factors of research among other divisions, business units, and geographical locations with different types of studies. The result is highly siloed research data, spread across divisions and geographies with little or any cohesion.

QuestionPro has published a white paper that discusses best practices for launching and managing Insights Hub, and it is hosting a free online webinar on June 30 at 11:00 am Central during which attendees will learn about the benefits of a research repository.

About QuestionPro

Founded in 2006, QuestionPro is a global provider of online survey and research services that help companies make better decisions through data. From free consumer accounts to robust enterprise-level research, we offer tools for the creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys. We also offer platforms for polling, mobile research and data visualization. Fortune 100 companies rely on us to help unlock insights about customers, employees and the marketplace. With offices in the US, Mexico, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and India, we offer customers 24/7 access to highly trained support specialists and engineers.

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