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QuestionPro Announces New “Teams” Pricing Model for Online Survey Platform

Access to robust feature set for professional and advanced researchers at a price point for teams and small groups

AUSTIN, Texas March 23, 2021 QuestionPro, a global leader in online survey and research services, announces a new pricing model that makes access to higher-end features within its Survey platform more accessible for small companies, research firms and teams within large enterprises to unlock insights and drive business intelligence from research.

“The need for advanced research and survey functionality is not linearly related to the size of the entity that needs it,” said Dan Fleetwood, President of Research & Insights at QuestionPro. “We’ve heard from small businesses as well as research leads within large enterprises that they want a feature-rich solution, but without the requirement for a large number of seats. Our new Teams Edition meets our customers where they are.”

QuestionPro’s Survey Platform has many features that enable professional researchers, whether in agencies or large corporations to unlock sophisticated insights and business intelligence. Among those included in the Teams edition are:

• 20+ question types: Access a survey library of over 20+ question types that enable sophisticated market research.
• Powerful survey logic: Use in-built survey logic for skip logic branching, text piping, answer randomizing and others, to showcase the most relevant questions to an audience and collect unbiased survey responses.
• Built-in Compliance: Collect market research responses that are fully compliant with multiple local and federal regulations and standards, including GDPR, Section 508, HIPAA, CCPA, etc. in localized data centers for survey data collection.
• Optimum panelists for research: Select from 22 million+ double opt-in and mobile-ready panelists categorized under various demographic segmentation to collect the most accurate market research insights.
• Enterprise integrations: Integrate with various external enterprise-grade tools like Salesforce to make your research data collection as seamless as possible.

About QuestionPro

Founded in 2006, QuestionPro is a global provider of online survey and research services that help companies make better decisions through data. From free consumer accounts to robust enterprise-level research, we offer tools for the creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys. We also offer platforms for polling, mobile research and data visualization. Fortune 100 companies rely on us to help unlock insights about customers, employees and the marketplace. With offices in the US, Mexico, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and India, we offer customers 24/7 access to highly trained support specialists and engineers.

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