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QuestionPro Survey Finds Two-Thirds of Americans Believe in UFOs

They also believe the government is not telling them everything

AUSTIN, Texas (June 24th, 2021) According to a national poll of 500 adults in the United States by online survey and research leader QuestionPro, 65 percent, or two-thirds, of Americans believe that UFOs have made contact with Earth. Nearly half believe the government is not telling Americans everything.

In the wake of Senate hearings on UFOs, QuestionPro set out to find what Americans believe. The short survey also found the following:

Nearly 70 percent of Americans believe in “life” in other parts of the universe.

Thirty two percent of respondents believe that UFO’s are best defined as “alien spacecraft” while 54 percent define them as “a mysterious object in the sky that is hard to explain.” Another 14 percent consider it “space junk.”

And, in good news for politicians, 62 percent believe studying UFO’s “is a good use of the government’s time and resources.”

Only 16 percent believe the U.S. government has been “completely open and honest” about UFOs, while 25 percent say it has only “sort of” disclosed enough.

“Given that a large majority of Americans believe that there is life elsewhere in the universe, and that UFO’s have visited Earth, it’s not surprising to see support for government to study the issue and a belief that the government should be disclosing more,” said Dan Fleetwood, President of Research & Insights at QuestionPro. “The data also shows a healthy respect for the unknown – that there is mystery in the universe.”

The survey of U.S. consumers was fielded June 16th, 2021 and has a margin of error of +/- 3 percent. The survey was conducted using technology and multi-method behavioral fraud detection to verify respondents, including 80+ different security variables which accomplish the following: detection and rejection of suspicious IP addresses; digital fingerprinting; Captcha bot detection; event streaming and analysis, copy paste detection and translation of text detection. Mouse movements on desktops were also tracked.

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