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pricing analytics tools

Advanced pricing modeling techniques

Create advanced research models for pricing analytics and choice modeling. Leverage the research platform to create advanced pricing models that work for you using Conjoint, MaxDiff, Van Westendorp, Gabor Granger, and Card Sorting. Use different pricing strategies, techniques, and models to draw optimal price points.

advanced pricing techniques

Derive pricing sensitivity and price elasticity

Measure how price changes affect the demand for your products or services. Gauge the impact of price fluctuations on the elasticity and sensitivity of your products. Understand what customers are willing to pay at various price points and find the optimal price point to maximize revenue, profit, and market share.

pricing sensitiviy and elasticity

Create advanced pricing models that work for you.

Maximize profitability with our pricing analytics techniques that help you understand the product’s right price.

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Key feature highlights

Powerful tools for advanced pricing research.

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Conjoint analysis

Measure the optimum value of a product or service. Stimulate market conditions with the Conjoint analysis.

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MaxDiff analysis

Understand customer preferences, by collecting the best-worst rating for products and services.

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Van Westendorp pricing

Distinct research demographics, assign optimum pricing models, and gauge the value of your product or service.

hotspot and heatmap analysis

Hotspot and heat map analysis

Understand customer sentiments. Enhance go-to-market strategies with granular feedback with images.

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