Social Media Research Questions

Learn what are the benefits of social media research questions and how it can make your market research more efficient.

Social Media Research Questions

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What is social media research?

Social media research is the application of market research methods to collect data for understanding potential customers’ preferences, opinions, and behavior. As in the other market research methods, social media data is analyzed quantitatively and/or qualitatively depending on the goals of the project.

Social media research questions aid in connecting with your target audience and getting their honest opinions on platforms that are are widely used by them. A social media research tool helps you make faster, better-informed decisions about your company's strategies.

Advantages of social media research questions

  1. Social media research questions collect data in real-time. Moreover, the richness of data sourced from social media networks is appropriate for both qualitative designs as well as quantitative market research.
  2. The responses to social media research questionnaire are generally less subject to biases that occur in opinion surveys and focus groups.
  3. Given the wide reach of social media, it is quite easy to reach audiences across geographical boundaries.
  4. Participants may be reluctant to answer an online survey sent through email or over the call. However, on social media sites, people share their thoughts easily.
  5. It is not possible to have contact details of all your potential customers. But if you run ads on social media sites or offer a reward to answer research questions, you can reach many people in relatively lesser time.
  6. You can reach a segment of the population that may not be otherwise reachable

Usage of social media research analysis

Social media research questionnaire can be used to analyze data independently based on likes, shares, and comments. However, they can be integrated with other applications as well such as CRM to:

  • Perform trend analysis
  • Demand forecasting
  • Analyze user-supplied media such as memes to understand the pulse of the audience
  • Generate comparision reports and collaborate with the team on them

How to distribute social media research questions using survey software?

  1. Log in QuestionPro Surveys
  2. Go to Distribute >> Share. Copy survey URL
  3. Select the platform on which you want to share social media research questions.
  4. Enter the message and paste the survey URL.