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Apple Vs Samsung Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Apple vs Samsung survey questions is a questionnaire to understand customer opinions about Apple and Samsung smartphones. These survey questions aim to identify what are the factors that influenced the customer to purchase the particular brand and what are their perceptions about Apple or Samsung as a brand for smartphones.

When we talk about high-end smartphones, only two companies come to our minds, namely Apple or Samsung. We can say the market is divided in two segments, such as Apple users for iOS or Samsung for android OS. If someone was to shift or purchase a high-end smartphone, he would choose from an Apple or Samsung smartphone, as his first preference. Such a survey would enable the company to understand consumer opinions about these products and hence strategies can be made to reach the market segment accordingly and to grab a higher market share.

Following are the questions to gather information about users opinion about Apple or Samsung smartphones:

Do you have a Smartphone?(if no, please do not continue to the survey. Thank you for your cooperation)
Which smartphone brand are you currently using?
Considering your complete experience with your smartphone, how likely would you be to recommend it to a friend or colleague?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Which of the following Telecom service providers do you currently have an account with?(You may tick more than one option)
What are the factors that influence the purchase of your smartphone? (You may tick more than one option)
Please state your level of agreement for the following statements:
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Brand of the smartphone is the most important consideration when purchasing a phone
My smartphone is good value for the money I paid
My smartphone is the most technologically advanced phone in today's market
The brand of phone I use showcases my societal status.
How would you rate the following attributes of your smartphone?
(1 for Very Poor, 5 for Excellent)
Design attractiveness
Battery backup
value for the price of the product
User friendliness
Which of the following activities should a person be able to use on an ideal smartphone? Please state your level of agreement.
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Send or receive videos
Make or receive phone calls
Send or receive emails
Record videos
Play videos (other than video games)
Send or receive texts
Purchase products or services
Take photos
Play podcasts
Send or receive instant messages
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Play music
Play games
Send or receive photos
General internet use (other than using social networking websites)
Use social networking websites
How would you describe your current smartphone? (you may choose more than one option)
Do you have any other comments/suggestions/concerns about the brand of smartphone you use?