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Laundry Usage Survey Template and Questions

Use our free laundry usage survey template and questions to understand the detergent usage pattern and collect data on user behavior. Know how often your audience uses a specific detergent and how they consider different brands. Evaluate laundry items and household laundry services with this sample laundry survey questions. You can also customize the questions and options as per your requirements.

How many loads of laundry have been done by this machine in just the past 7 days? (If none, write 0)
What type of machine is usually used for the household laundry?
How often do you use the following laundry powders?
How often do you use the following laundry liquids?
Please indicate the container size for each detergent brand you have used.
In the past 3 months, what one brand of soap/detergent was used most often for laundry?
How often do you use a manufacturer's coupon when you buy laundry soap/detergent?

3 Reasons to use Laundry Usage Questionnaire

1. It's free
These sample questions are free for everyone. All you need is a QuestionPro account. You can create a survey from this template and send it to your target audience.

2. It's customizable
Add more questions and options as you need. Apply different logic methods to present only relevant questions to your respondents.

3. Create better products
Use the data collected to create reports and gain actionable insights. Share reports with the team and collaborate to create great products.