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Auto Dealer Owner Experience Survey Template And Questions

Below auto dealer satisfaction survey asks questions that evaluate the experience of an automobile or car owner. Know how they felt with the products and services of your dealership.

Use this sample auto dealer survey questionnaire to collect data on customer satisfaction and car buying experience. Generate reports and use survey results to improve the car buying experience of your customers.

Sales associate:
Overall, how satisfied are you with the service experience?
For your most recent visit at [DEALERSHIP], what service did you avail? (Mark all that apply)
Please rate below based on your experience.
Very dissatisfied
Not satisfied
Very satisfied
Digital communication
Phone correspondence
Knowledge of staff
Politeness of staff
Do you or someone in your household still have this [VEHICLE]?
Have you returned to [DEALERSHIP] for any type of service during the past 12 months?
Have you faced any of the below issues? (Mark all that apply)
Did you have any concerns with the dealership's handling of this service visit?
Did you let the dealership know about your concern(s)?
Were your concern(s) resolved?
How satisfied were you with the action taken by the dealership to address your concern(s)?

3 Reasons to ask Automotive Dealer Customer Satisfaction Survey questionnaire

It is not a smart strategy to credit the sale of automotive to good communication or convincing skills only. A customer must have a pleasant purchase experience from start to end. But you never know until you track each point of the customer journey.

Automotive dealer customer satisfaction survey questions help you collect data pertaining to various touchpoints and analyze their experience. Gain valuable insights from the reports and apply strategies that will improve customers' journey completely.

1. It's free
This auto dealer survey template is free for everyone. Create an account to get started!

2. It's customizable
Add more questions or edit the options as you like. Apply survey logic to present only relevant questions to your car owners.

3. Improve experience
Analyze the results to know how you can offer better services to your customers. Identify improvement areas and act on the feedback to improve the car buying experience and grow your sales.

A dealer satisfaction survey gives your audience an opportunity to share their views anywhere, anytime. You can use this template to help your customers buy the best car for themselves and find out ways to offer the best experience.