Survey Templates Customer Satisfaction Surveys B2C pulse survey template for the Coronavirus pandemic

B2C pulse survey template for the Coronavirus pandemic

Use this free B2C pulse survey template to understand the impacts of the COVID -19 crisis on your customers. Identify how the expectations and behavior of your customers have changed over the past few weeks. Collect data and gain insights into customer choices and preferences. Analyze their buying patterns and formulate a sales and marketing strategy to better connect with them. Identify risks and keep uncertainty at bay with a detailed analysis of survey results. This sample B2C survey template is ready-to-use and can help you gather primary data for your Coronavirus related market research. Customize the free questionnaire to meet your specific needs.

Considering your complete experience with our brand in this pandemic, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
How valuable do you find our products and services during this pandemic?
What are your top three concerns about using our products? (Select only three)
Are you facing a shortage of our products in your locality?
Did you use products from our competitors during the crisis?
How satisfied are you with the following during the pandemic?
Very unsatisfied
Very satisfied
Availability of our items in local stores
Customer care service
Safety measures taken at the point of sale
After-sales support
The quality of service
How do you view our products?
Do you sense any risk of infection by using our products?
Comments/suggestions to help us serve you better:

Top four reasons for using this coronavirus B2C pulse survey template

Know what your consumers feel exactly and capitalize on that. Here’s why you must use this free survey template:

1. Simple to understand questions and answer options: The question and answer options are simple to understand and answer by all types of users. Boost your response rates.
2. Competitor tracking: Instantly understand whether there is a shift of customers from your brand to your competitor’s brand.
3. Consumer satisfaction levels: Gauge the satisfaction levels your customers derived from your products and services during this pandemic.
4. Reassure customers: Many customers are anxious about buying products during these times. Assure customers about your concern for their safety and the safety of your staff.