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Retail survey questions and template

Retail store survey template to collect customer feedback on various aspects of the store. This sample questionnaire template includes critical store evaluation questions to consumers, such as location, inventory, customer service, merchandise pricing, value for money, and overall customer satisfaction. Use this store feedback template and grow your business with real customer insights.

Please enter the store name you visited recently.
Considering your complete experience with our company, how likely would you be to recommend our products to a friend or colleague?
Did you find what you were looking for at the [Store]?
Please indicate your opinions about each of the following statements.
Do you have any comments or suggestions for us?
Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your honest opinion and will take your input into consideration while providing products and services in the future.

Top 3 Reasons To Choose This Retail Store Evaluation Template

1. Measure customer satisfaction of the retail store visitors.

Know if the customers like the range of products available in your store. If they get disappointed frequently for the lack of goods, they are less likely to visit the store again.

2. Collect feedback on the store and merchandise setup.

Know if your customers like the setup and design of the store. It can be a significant factor in increasing sales. Make data-driven decisions based on the footfalls and the frequency of the store visits of the customers.

3. Measure the quality of goods and services provided at the retail store.

Frequent returns or exchanges can mean that the customer is not happy with the product quality. A retail store survey template can help you identify the improvement areas in your business.