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Seminar Purchase Motivation Survey Template

This seminar purchase motivation survey template helps organizers know the intention of registrants. Check what seminars they have attended in the past and if they plan to attend again in the future. Learn why did they buy tickets and how did they hear about the seminar.

Collect feedback from attendees and gain insights on how you can improve the seminar content and arrangements further. This sample seminar purchase motivation questionnaire can be customized as per your needs.

Street Address
Email Address
Please select your age group:
Highest Level of Education:
Please select your occupation:
Annual household income (Optional):
Please select the seminar you are attending today:
How likely are you to refer this seminar to your friend or colleague?
How far did you travel to attend the seminar?
Do you have people that report to you? If yes, how many?
What were your criteria for selecting to attend this particular seminar? (Select the most important one)
How did you pay for the seminar?
What other seminars did you attend? (Select all that apply):
What other seminars are you interested in attending? (Select all that apply):
Where did you initially hear about this seminar? (Select one):
Did you make the decision to attend the seminar?
Do you have any comments or suggestions?

Top 3 reasons to use this seminar purchase motivation survey template

Know what your customers want
Collect demographic details of the registrants so that you can plan seminar content accordingly. It can also help you choose the guest speakers for the seminar.

Collect customer feedback
Customer feedback is an important factor in determining the success of the event. Know how satisfied your customers are and if they are likely to refer the seminar to their friends and colleagues.

Plan future seminars
Depending on the interest shown by attendees, you can better plan the frequency of seminars in the future.