Brand Awareness Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Here’s a brand awareness survey questions example with sample questions that offer a short yet simplistic method of measuring brand recognition and brand awareness amongst consumers. It contains a series of brand awareness survey questions that you can use as-is or customize with demographic and other questions of your like to get insights from a particular population segment.

Which of the following products have you tried? (Select all that apply)
When you think of this product, what brand name comes to your mind?
Can you recall the last time you used this product category?
How many brands have you heard of before? (Select all that apply)
(Your Brand Name)
(Your Product Name)
Have you heard of the above brand name before?
When was the first time you heard about our brand?
Where have you seen or heard about our brand recently? (Select all that apply)
In the last few days, how often have you heard people speaking about our brand?
Have you purchased our product before?
How was your experience with the product?
Do you currently use our product?
Do any other brand comes to your mind while thinking about our brand?
Of all the brands offering similar products, which do you feel is the best brand?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely is that you would recommend our brand to a friend or colleague?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Brand awareness survey questionnaire helps you analyze if your brand is on top-of-mind of the consumers, especially while making a purchase. Our brand awareness survey example is just right for you to identify the success of your marketing activities and to know if you have been successful in reaching the minds of desired customers.
Brand awareness is an essential metric to understand how well you have placed your brand in a highly competitive market, and our brand awareness survey example is the first step to get started. Suppose consumers fail to associate your brand with a specific product; yet, they do recognize you as an alternative to a list of brands. Even this is a success, as you have gained a proper brand recognition. Go ahead and utilize our brand awareness survey template to create top-of-mind awareness about your product.
Our brand awareness survey example consists of both aided and unaided brand awareness survey questions. By combining both these questions in a single survey, we tried to eliminate consumer bias so that you can get an honest understanding of your brand's popularity. Utilizing a thoughtfully made brand awareness survey questions examples analyze if your brand is on the top of the consumers’ minds. Furthermore, after examining the insights, create a roadmap to address the gaps in your branding campaign. To use our brand awareness survey questions sample, you need to create a free account at QuestionPro.

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