Top 7 Product Concept Test Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Product Concept Test Survey Template is a questionnaire which consists of 7 critical questions on product testing. Every product, before it is actually introduced in the market, is an unproven idea. To convert the idea into reality, it is important that the product is accepted in the market. But before that, it is important for organizations or businesses to know if there is a demand in the market for a particular product or not. Once that clarity is obtained a survey can be deployed with specific questions that can help collect relevant information and reaction from a specific set of audience.

A concept testing survey enables you to test an idea or concept before introducing a product or service into the market. For a product or service to be successful in your target market, it is important to understand whether it will be well-accepted by your clientele or not. The process of collection and analyzing information about concept testing can be done using a concept testing questionnaire.

This survey template offers questions about importance of the concept, which features should be implemented to execute the concept, aspects of the concept that will most likely be widely accepted and other such factors.

For example, if Acme Dog Food company wants to launch a new bunch of dog food products for an Asian dog breed, they can send a concept test survey to these dog owners.

This survey is a new product concept that is described as follows:

Below are a list of features that are part of the product. How important is each feature to you?
Not At All Important
Extremely Important
Feature 1
Feature 2
Feature 3
Feature 3
Feature 4
Whether or not you know about [Product], how favorable is your overall reaction?
What is it that you like most about [Product]? Please enter as many items as you wish.
What do you like least about [Product]?
Based on the product description, how interested would you be in buying this new [Product] if it were within your budget? Please check one.
About what would you expect to pay for a new [Product]?
How often do you use [Product Category]?
Thank you for your feedback.

Why conduct Product Concept Test Survey?

There are four stages of concept testing:

  • Audience Selection

    You either use a sample provider or your existing customer database to find dog owners. Well, in the above example Acme Dog Food would need to find dog owners who have an Asian dog breed

  • Assessing the concept:

    Let’s take an example Acme Dog Food wants to know the number of times an Asian breed dog eats a day so that they can design and manufacture small boxes of food to make it more convenient for the dog owners.

    You could showcase different concepts based on what the dog owners do currently. Let's look at the following series of questions:

    1. What food do you feed your dog currently? (Open Ended Text)
    2. How many times does your dog eat a day? (Numeric)
    3. What size of bowl do you use? (Single Select)
    4. What are the most inconvenient things you go through as part of the feeding experience? (Open Ended Text)

    The questions 2 and 3 could use logic to only showcase concepts which need to be tested for a high-frequency eater.

  • Market readiness with pricing

    Once you have a concept which the dog owners think they will actually buy, you could actually use price testing methodologies. Examples of such methodology are conjoint analysis or Van Westendorp pricing.

  • Positioning the concept

    This is where how you want to position your product in the market. Making the position clear and enticing is the most important objective here. The packaging content and image displayed plays a vital part in the merchandising of the product.

    For example, the Dog breed “Pug” is common in India and using that dog's image might help with the merchandising of the product. In this particular stage, you can use image testing as a methodology.

Reasons to conduct a concept survey:

  • Product concept testing helps an organization or business reshape and refine ideas, such that they have greater potential for a successful product launch and for market acceptance and absorption of the newly introduced products.
  • By gathering real market research insights from potential consumers, into potential product ideas to deliver a better product, product concept test can also help an organization or business prioritize.
  • Product concept test has the ability to improve a product. But sometimes marketers or product developers overlook the power of concept tests and fail to recognize its importance. In such cases, there are chances that a product may not be able to make that impact in the market.
  • However, this situation can be avoided. QuestionPro’s brief product concept test survey enables an organization or business to collect an insightful market research and create a report. The questions placed in this form help in identifying the differentiating characteristic of a product and if the audience has any suggestions or opinions about adding or deleting any feature. Through this survey organizations or businesses can develop and optimize effective market positioning.

Best Uses of Product Concept Test Survey

Best uses of Product Concept Test Survey are as follows:

  • One of the reasons to deploy this survey is to gain insights on how interested will the market be in the product. The responses will determine the further course of action whether to revise the product to improve its appeal or not.
  • Product concept test survey can be considered as one of the key contributors to help organizations or businesses to grow by minimizing their risk, by bringing in products that will be well accepted by the market.

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