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Bullying Survey for Students Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Bullying survey for students is designed to collect first-hand information about being bullied. This sample survey template is created to understand the reason why some students bully others. Our free questionnaire consists of questions you can customize and modify to suit the needs of your educational institution to stop bullying and provide students with a healthy environment to study and excel.

We firmly believe that for students to thrive and enjoy their days at school, they must first feel safe and be themselves. The school should provide them with an environment free from bullying and other crimes. It is essential to learn how students feel so you can take corrective measures against bullies early.

In this free survey template, we offer survey questions that can help academic professionals analyze various factors that lead to the act of bullying in school. Use online surveys to understand family history or history of violence associated with students which leads to them becoming a bully. Teachers can collect data about student satisfaction, parent satisfaction and more to gain meaningful insights into student behavior and corrective actions.

1. During this academic session how many times have you been bullied?
2.  Can you tell us how were you bullied?
3. How many kids have bullied you?
4. Where do you think bullying occurs the most?
Don't Know
School Bus
5. In this academic year how many days have you missed school because you felt unsafe to show up to school?
6. If you saw someone being bullied at school, would you
7. How many times have you bullied others?
8. Do you experience violence at home?
9. Why do you think some kids are bullies?
10. What do the adults in your institution do when they see bullying?
11. Have you talked to anyone about being bullied?
12. Have you ever carried a weapon to the school?
13. What can the school do to stop bullying?
14. Please select your ethnicity
15. Please select your gender
16. Have you ever been detained by the police or gone to jail?
17. Do you feel safe at school?
Do you any other comments or concerns?

Advantages of the running anti-bullying surveys using this survey template:

Bullying is the leading cause of student stress, leads to dropouts, and in some extreme cases, physical assaults. Teachers and academic institutions play a significant role in checking and mitigating bullying at the initial stage.

This anti-bullying survey is used to identify, check, and stop campus and cyber-bullying. Let’s look at the survey benefits:

- Prevents bullying
- Supports stressed students
- Promotes education
- Tackles harassment
- Demoralizes bullies
- Saves lives
- Assures campus safety
- Builds parent confidence
- Better learning outcomes